Cambridge Professional Wedding Photography


Creative wedding thinking...

                Your wedding will be one of the most important and memorable days of your life. The memories will last a life time and so should the images from the big day. I will put in pictures all the detail, emotion and care that you have put into planning your day. From the bride getting ready to the first dance I will be there documenting every step along the way in my own prsonal style. At Pinhole Creative I will produce a selection of amazing high quality images, supplied on a disc for you to have and to share for all time with no limits to what you do with them and who you share them with.


Getting to know you... 

            My photojournalist background is what I will bring to the 'party' and my approach to your wedding will be truly distinctive and personal. I think it is vital we should meet prior to the wedding day because it is important that I am able understand your wants and wishes, fears and loathings. Every wedding is approached in a unique way and it is only right that I get to know you ahead of your day. This will enable us to have a good old  chat about your wedding preparations and explore exactly what you are looking for in a wedding photographer. You will get the chance to look at more of my natural, documentary wedding photography and understand my style and approach. There is no charge for this initial consultation and there is no obligation to proceed.


My Style... 

       There are several popular wedding photography styles, my particular style is most commonly described as reportage or photojournalism as I place great importance on producing authentic and honest photography. My work is carefully created in order to be thought provoking, timeless, often moving and above all, much more than just a pretty picture. Because of this attention to detail, in terms of philosophy and approach, my work is truly individual.

Working closely with each couple, I endevour to fully understand individual requirements and try to ensure that the true essence of the event is captured - providing you with a distinctly personal set of images. My work is more accurately described as 'fine art documentary wedding photography' - a particular stance on documenting the day that hopefully makes my portfolio very unique, even amongst other documentary wedding photographers.



What Makes Pinhole Creative Special

                I want to make you feel completely at ease and enjoy your day without stressing about your photography. Having years of experience has taught me to be prepared for every eventuality and expect the unexpected!

For £950.00 you get all of the following.

  1. I'll arrive as early as you want me to, normally 2 hours before the ceremony at the location where you are getting prepared (think champagne and tears - usually from a parent or two!) before moving on to the venue to photograph the boys and the arrival of your guests.

  2. Shots during the ceremony - providing permission is granted and I always aim to be as discreet as possible - so I don’t use flash if it can be helped!

  3. As many group shots as possible as well as repotage style images of family and guests. NB; Just be aware that group shots can be time consuming and each one can take approximately 5 -10 mins to gather guests together and arrange. Taking group shots at a wedding can be like hearding cats so dont get hung up on getting them done straight away. We will have the whole day to grab the shots we need. 

  4. Reportage shots of your guests enjoying themselves - long lens time trying to catch people unaware.

  5. I will whisk you off and get some romantic shots that hopefully you will love forever - and I promise not to take too long on this - you want enjoy the day with your guests right?

  6. Photos of your venue and reception details - it’s important to get all the details captured that make your wedding unique.

  7. A copy of all the images taken on the day and a selection of the best edited images supplied on a DVD.

  8. An online wedding album at request.

 Big Day Package Price...

                I don't like to confuse you love birds with complicated packages so I only have one package!! £950.00 will make sure that the whole day is covered from dawn to dusk. For this price I will shoot all day long covering every aspect of your wedding leaving nothing and no one out of the day. I will also edit all the 'keepers' and put them on a disk ready for you to use straight away, however you feel you want to. You can stick them on Facebook, pin them on Pintest, send them to a wedding magazine or just keep them private for family and friends, they are your images rom your day and you can do with what you like; you paid for them, they are yours.. I don't charge for any hinden extras and you can copy the disk and send it to who ever you wish to.

'We Do' Sessions...

                I am also available for a limited number of on-location engagement sessions, which are all about celebrating your relationship outside of a wedding day. A 2 hour shoot will cost £300 with all images supplied on a disk, edited and ready for use.

'We Still Do' Sessions
                A very popular anniversary gift is my 'We Still Do' sessions that celebrate the anniversary of your wedding day or when you first met or even when you went on your first date. Again, these are all celebrating your relationship and can be done on location where you choose. A 2 hour shoot will cost £300 with all images supplied on a disk, edited and ready to use.

I've done it too...! So take some advise and read below....

Take time to find and meet a photographer whose style reflects what you are looking for.
Make sure you like the person you select and approve of their approach. Get to know your photographer more by having a chat over a cup of tea and find out a little about them.
Take a good look at the quality of the photographer's work. Their portfolio should show a range of photography featuring different couples and venues.
Do you like the selection of albums and other materials available for displaying the photographs? Is it of high enough quality to reflect the investment you are making in your photographer?
Does the service provided suit your budget?
Ask your photographer to prepare a schedule. Many specialist venues regulate the time set aside for formal group photography; be realistic about how many group photographs are necessary. As a rule of thumb eight group shots will take thirty minutes - provided all guests are there who should be.
Allow plenty of time for the less formal reportage coverage and you will get those fabulous wedding photographs you hoped for.
Finally, enjoy yourself and you will both look great in the photographs!
Goodluck & enjoy your day and each other ..!